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Littlest Birds 6 oz

Image of Littlest Birds 6 oz


LITTLEST BIRDS is a take on our blackbird series of batts. It all began a few years ago with Black Magic Woman, a base of black superwash super infused with sari strands and glitz. Black Magic Woman lead the way to the black birds (phoenix, araucana, blue jay, peacock, raven) which have proved to be endless fun to make, spin and wear. This set of
'littlest birds' is a 1/2 batt of each of those colorways - enough to spin on their own for a rainbow of the darkest array or mix and match them for a spicy, elegant project.
Phoenix - reds/golds on black background
raven - purple, pink on black background
blue jay - blue on black
araucania - green on black
peacock - mix of ALL with double glitz infusion
black magic woman - color happy black

for a total of approx 6 ozs of little bird batts!

Love these colors but don't spin? You should try contacting DebbieB ( - her handspun is divine and she does custom spinning - woot!